I’ve officially been a parent for 20 months now. It’s been a journey and I’m learning a lot about myself. One major lesson is that my child will legit test every fiber in me, and on the other hand she’ll hug me when I’m sad. Being a single parent by far has had many challenges, one being accepting that her birth father will not be in the picture. This  was and still is at times hard for me to accept, as my father is my best friend. My father has been in my life and by my side since birth, in fact both my parents have. So, you can imagine why I thought I would have the same for my child. Despite our circumstances, I’ve learned to be appreciative of what we have and who’s in our lives.

Chloè is surrounded around so much love, and I’m forever grateful for that. Life as single parent has always gotten a bad rep. People think your life is over and you cannot live a life you’ve dreamed of. Well, I say that’s bullshit! Yes, having a reliable partner would be great. However, that’s not our life. I’ve made it my life’s mission to show Chlo what healthy love is and that she can have all her dreams come true.

I love all things fashion, working out, traveling, and I do my best to eat clean. Guess what!? Chlo loves all those things too! At least she does now lol. So far, we’ve been to Florida, Illinois, and Connecticut. In addition to that, we’ve launched our own fitness/lifestyle Instagram page, and podcast (No Perfect Mums Allowed). In the recent months, I’ve come to accept that my daughter is a diva! Chloè loves to pick out her own shoes, she plays in makeup, and styles her own hair.

Our blog is about sharing our life with you in hopes that you to create your best life as well! So, relax and join the conversation.