Motivational Monday (Do what’s best for you!)

I was told my entire life to go to school and to get a GOOD job. No one ever asked me what I wanted to do with my life. No one ever asked me if I wanted to start my own business or to travel, or anything. My parents just told me to go to school and get a GOOD job. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am very grateful for my parents. My parents did a hell of a good job raising me!  I learned first hand what hard work looked like. I also learned first hand what kind of life I did not want.

When I was in college, I was originally there to make my father proud. I did not think about what career field I wanted to go into, or what my definition of success looked like. I just knew I had to get a degree to make my father proud.

It was during my 3rd year in college, I came to the conclusion that I was in school for me and not my parents. I like to think my college professor had something to do with turning on a few light bulbs in my head. She challenged me to think about the kind of life I wanted and how I would get there. I thought long and hard about my career and what success looked like to me. 

I based EVERYTHING on money. I figured if I made enough money I would be happy. Boy was I sadly mistaken. MONEY DOES NOT BUY YOU HAPPINESS! When I graduated after applying to about 20 jobs (I was rejected from all of them except for one. I did not have enough experience. Whatever that means). I was devastated from the rejection. So, I quickly accepted the first job that took a chance on me. I did not think about how this job would benefit my future and how it would help get me to the next level.

I will say this, the job I currently have has been a blessing. I know at times I don’t see what God is doing, but I know he is working on something bigger for my life.

I wanted to get my masters degree (MBA) because I felt like I had to obtain one in order to be successful (again, define what your level of success is. It will help you a lot when making decisions). That is not an acceptable reason (to me anyway) to get a masters degree. To help me better make my decision, I stared researching the filed I wanted to go into and how much I would make (again, money does not bring you happiness! It brings you more bills).

I prayed and asked for direction. I wrote down my definition of success. In case you’re wondering, my definition of success is being able to spend time with your family. When you can travel the world for a living, have all of your bills paid up until 6 months, no reoccurring debt (credit cards and loans), and help people have a positive life. Well my friend, that is when I have reached MY LEVEL OF SUCCESS. 

I want you all to know that this is YOUR LIFE and not anyone else! You have to go after the things that will make YOU HAPPY and will benefit YOUR FUTURE. It’s okay to listen to your loved ones opinions. But they are just that, OPINIONS. Nobody cares about their opinions! You only get one life to live, and I know you don’t want to live it based on what someone else told you how you should live your life. 

I am working everyday  towards becoming a successful business woman. I can officially call myself a writer and author (In case you have not purchased your copy. Click this now to get your copy of my book).  Currently, I am working to go into law (future lawyer alert). I am saying this to you all, DON’T WAIT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE TO DISCOVER YOUR VOICE, YOUR PASSION, AND YOUR DREAMS. Everyone is not going to understand why you want to to things you want to do, but that is okay. It’s not their jobs to understand. It’s your job to MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY.

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10 thoughts on “Motivational Monday (Do what’s best for you!)

  1. fbarbare says:

    I’ve always told my friends, do something you love and you’ll never work another day in your life. For me that’s working at a preschool. There are not too many preschool teachers working for the money. We do it because we love it and are making a difference in the life of children. To me that’s worth far more than any amount of money.

    xo Faith

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  2. Amanda Cookson says:

    I grew up thinking I had to go down a traditional career path – doctor, lawyer, accountant. I had an early-life-crisis and dropped out of school to work in an office. Best decision I made – as it opened my eyes to everything that’s out there. I eventually went on to study what I wanted, because I wanted to, not because I *had* to. Lovely post.

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  3. Kat says:

    Good on you for making your own path. Sometimes we have dreams that aren’t God’s plans for us, either, but with some prayer and patience, He will provide. Congrats on the book launch!

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  4. Ms Jelena says:

    Beautifully written and oh, so true! Other people’s definition of success should never be our own. We so need to chase our own dreams and be sure we’re happy, rather than trying to do “the right thing” by others. Xx

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  5. Geneviève says:

    I feel like I can relate about going for a Masters degree – I had the opportunity to undertake one in Communication Design a few years ago, got accepted into the program, and was almost going to do it – until I really thought about why I was doing it, and realised deep down I only wanted it to be able to say I had a Master’s degree. And to me, that wasn’t a good enough reason, so I left the program. This year I finished a Diploma of Business, with a major focus on Entrepreneurship. I took it because I wanted to build my business skills. I really loved the course, and ended up starting my own business and blog while I was studying. If I’d done that Master’s degree, I’d probably never have discovered this path 😊

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