Create the life you want

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I purchased this poster a while ago and I finally decided to hang it up in my room. Just in case you were wondering, my Blog is to inspire people spiritually, mentally, and physically. So I hope this post and my other posts encourages you on the daily basics.

This particular poster reminds me to chase and build the kind of life that I want. Do not get me wrong here, it is more so what God has planned for my life, but this poster reminds me to just go for it, and leave all of the excuses behind.

The poster reads:

Live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Be fearless in the face of adversity. Never stop learning. Use your imagination whenever possible. Recognize the beauty that surrounds you. Remember where you came from, but don’t lose sight of where you’re going. Be the architect of you own destiny. this is yours to create.

I have this poster hanging on my wall. As soon as I look to the right, I see it. It helps motivate me in the morning before I start my day, along with me reading the bible and praying in the morning.  

I’m here to tell you that you only get one life to live and you need to make it count! We are going to have ups and downs, but it is about picking ourselves up and trying again. Make a list of everything you would like to accomplish in the next 3-5 years and start putting those things into action. Remember to P.U.S.H (pray until something happens) through the obstacles and NEVER GIVE UP!

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