Discover You

We all go through phases in life where we need to rediscover ourselves. Whenever you are in a committed relationship you tend to lose sight of yourself. You become accustomed to the relationship title that you are currently in ( role of wife or girl friend, etc.) and you forget about yourself.

In my interpersonal communication class we learned that a relationship is where two people in put things and the keep their individuality. A relationship is not where you become the relationship and lose sight of who you are. Basically when two people contribute to a relationship and they still do the same things that allows them to be themselves, is where you enter into a healthy relationship.

I know I am guilty of forgetting about myself when I am in a relationship. I am a very passionate person and I give my all in everything I do, and I have that same motto when it comes to a relationship. It’s not until after or until God shows me, that I realize I have lost who I was.

**By doing this, this can cause tension in your relationship because, you feel you are losing sight of yourself.

To be honest, I feel like somewhere between the age of 16 and now I lost sight of who Chelsea is and was. I have become accustomed to always being someone’s girlfriend that I forgot about me. I forgot how to enjoy my downtime for when I am single or how to be okay with being alone.

 When you truly know who you are, you are able to date smarter and be okay with being by yourself. You no longer need people to validate you, because God has already done that.

When you want to discover who you are or what that little girls voice is saying on the inside, take a step away from your life. Don’t wait until a breakup happens or something tragic happens. Just take time to yourself and get to know yourself. I guarantee that you will find something new about yourself.

Take yourself out on a date and learn to love yourself! At the end of the day when there is no one else around you, all you have is yourself. So why not discover who you are?

I challenge you today to discover you! I want you to take sometime to figure out the things you like and don’t like, what it is you love to do and not to do, what are your both short term and long term goals. I want you to date yourself (if you’re in a relationship that is okay. You can still do this).

When you truly love yourself and know who you are, that is when you will be able to life a full and happy life!

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2 thoughts on “Discover You

  1. breharne says:

    I can totally relate to this post. I have been married for 5 years and a mother for almost 4. I have absolutely no idea how to be Breharne anymore, i only know how to be the girls mother and Ghassans wife. I really want to get to know myself again.

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    • throughtheeeyesofmeinspire says:

      The first step is to acknowledge that. Secondly, when you have some free just write down the things you like to do or use to like to do and try to do those things every now and then. It will help you rediscover yourself. What works for me is setting some time aside to find out what I like and what makes me happy as an individual. Then I plan to do those things, whether it’s writing or recording videos. Just remember to take it one day at a time and one step at a time. It’s okay to listen to the woman inside of you from time to time. 🙂

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