Go hard or GO HOME!

Yes, I said it! Go Hard or GO HOME!
I have been working out for about a month and one week now! That is a huge step for me lol. I have develop a routine (sort of kind of). I listed a break down of my daily workout below. Let me know what you think!

Monday: 40 minutes of cardio (treadmill, bicycle, jog around house, elliptical, etc.). I do a incline of 2.5 while walking at 3.7 mph. when running, I do a incline of 2.0 while running at 4.2 mph. This helps me to burn more calories and to really work my calves.

Tuesday: AB day. I do planks, crunches, squats, and I have found some workout videos that helps with your abs as well.

Wednesday: AB and arms day. I do the same workouts, but I do more. I have also found a video that is great for arms.

Thursday: AB and leg day. I increase the amount I do and I sometimes add weights. I do a lot of squats and I use a bar when I am doing them to get more of a workout.

Friday: All body workout. I don’t do 40 minutes of cardio, instead I do about 15-20 minutes. I run as long as I can without stopping and I have a incline of 2.0.

Saturday & Sunday are my rest days.

This is a great workout to try! If you do this like 3-4 times a week, you will defiantly see results!

Here are some of my results thus far (some old and some new).


** I know you may be thinking that I should give my body a rest in between, but I have come to the conclusion that I am more motivated to workout during the week and not the weekend. If you need to rotate days between, please do that. It is about doing what is best for you.

I tell myself everyday, GO hard or GO HOME! I say this because, if you are not going to give working out your best, then you should not do it. I am a big believer in when you do things to the best of your abilities, you will get the results you want.

If you want those abs, you have to put in the work! If you want that nice toned booty, you have to put in the work! Obtaining a healthy lifestyle starts with you and a made up mind. So don’t expect to get results if you don’t put in the work.

I know the holiday is here and I know we are all going to eat real good! Just remember to not over due it lol. Make sure to work out at home or go to the gym when you are able to. Every rib or macaroni and cheese bite counts lol.

Happy holidays and safe travels everyone!

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