Forgiveness is key to unlocking all that God has for you and for moving forward in your life. Forgiveness is something that we all struggle with at times.

I believe we struggle to forgive people, because we have been hurt by them in more than one way, and we don’t know how to let go of the hurt we feel.

It is as if we prefer to hold on to the anger and hurt, than to let it go. In all honesty, you are only able to truly forgive someone through the strength of God.

I know for many years I held on to the hurt my family had caused me, especially my parents. My father hurt me because, he let me down in numerous of ways. I thought he would be the one person I could depend on, and would be here for me whenever I needed him. However, he wasn’t. My mother hurt me throughout my entire life, because she was not the mother I felt like she should’ve been.

I have dated guys and given my all to people that have come into my life and they eventually walked away, and washed their hands of me. For many of years and even at times today, I walk around with hurt and anger in my heart.

I have gotten to a point in my life where I refuse to let people hurt me. It’s okay to love people at a distance. It was only through the grace of God that I was able to forgive my parents and family members for letting me down. It was because of God that I am able to go around my family and not wish any harm on them or hold resentment in my heart about how they made me feel my entire life.

It’s because of God, that I am able to have a decent relationship with my mother and have a understanding about my father not being able to be superman.  God tells us to not put our trust into people, because they will always disappoint us. But to put our trust into him, because he will never leave nor forsaken us.

I don’t believe it was my parents intentions to hurt me or my family. I believe people are warped up with their lives and their feelings that they forget about other people. There is no handbook on how to be a “good parent”. Our parents do the best they know how, and they fall short at times.

I have decided to forgive all the boys I have dated in my life. Hating them or speaking negative about them hurts no one but me. I had many heartbreaks and I pray that I don’t have anymore. I pray that I date smarter and protect my heart more.

We hold forgiveness in our hearts because it is easier to stay mad, then to deal with the disappointment or hurt head on. We have to learn how to forgive the people that have hurt us. We have to learn how to protect our hearts and love people at a distance. We have to become accustom to protecting ourselves over protecting the feelings of others.

Honesty and forgiveness is key in this life. You have to be honest with the people that have hurt you, and you have to forgive them.

Forgiveness is never easy to do. It’s actually one of the toughest things to do, but it must be done to move forward. I pray that you allow God to heal your hearts and allow him to help you move forward.

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