I Love ME!


Growing up I had a hard time loving myself.

I always looked to others for validation. I compared myself to others (friends, family members, and people on television). I blamed God for making me look a certain way and I did not understand the beauty in my own uniqueness.

God crafted each and everyone of us differently! He made some people small and others more curvy. He made some people black and others white. Everyone and I do mean everyone is beautifully created.

It took for me to embrace who God created me to be, the woman that I am becoming, and the woman I am today, to truly love myself. I no longer need people to tell me that I am beautiful, because I know I am. I no longer need someone to tell me that I have nice hair or a nice figure, because I have embraced what God has blessed me with. 

I am going to share with you 5 (a bonus tip, so 6)  ways to love yourself. If you do these things daily, you will start to see how YOU view yourself change.

1. Do your hair.

If you are natural or not natural. Doing something to your hair will help you look at yourself differently. It is something about having a cute hair style that gives yourself a boost of confidence. Think about it. When you do your hair, now you want to find a cute outfit to put on, and then you put on your lip gloss, and then you find yourself checking in the mirror and loving how you look.

2. Workout and EAT RIGHT.

I will be the first to admit that I hate working out and eating healthy! I love eating my potato chips and chocolate. I don’t like to sweat and I don’t like running. However, when I workout and eat right I feel 1,000 times better! I no longer feel sluggish and depressed because I can no longer fit in my favorite jeans. Also, when you start to notice that you lost 5 pounds, you start to feel very good about yourself. It will lead you to wanting to lose more weight and before you know it, you are looking drop dead gorgeous in that dress!

3. Change your mindset.

This is one of the hardest things you will have to do. Shifting your mindset from negative thoughts to positive thoughts about yourself is a challenge. However, with every challenge there is a reward, and a obstacle you will and can overcome. I challenge you today to start saying what you love about yourself (I love my hair. I love my lips. I love my hands. I love my booty. I love my curves. etc.) and watch how you fall in love with yourself. You will notice how you start to feel mentally. Also, stop comparing yourself to other people, especially to the people on television.

4. Become your own best friend.

Often times we feel unloved and not appreciated when our friends or family members are not giving us the attention that feel we deserve. We look for our friends, family, and spouse to give us compliments, when we really should be looking to ourselves for those compliments. If you start to date yourself, compliment yourself, take care of yourself, you will see how the way you view yourself changes. I no longer need my best friend or man (when I had one) tell me that I look pretty or that my hair was very nice today, because I told myself that.

5. Embrace all of your “flaws”

No one was made perfect! Beyonce is not even perfect. We all have things about ourselves that we feel like we should improve. However, instead of trying to fix your “flaws”. You should start embracing them. So what if you have a slighter bigger head than someone else, that is the way God made you, and you are stunning that way. Let me ask you this, if there was no one around to tell you that you were not the ideal of beauty, would you believe that you were anything other than beautiful? You only believe something is wrong with you because, someone has told you that (society).

***6. Build yourself up

Stop looking for people to validate you. Stop looking for people to love you in a way that you can only love yourself. Stop looking to others to fill a void that God can only fill. It is not a easy thing to do. It is never easy to do. It is never easy to stand up and say you don’t give too flipping rocks about what anyone else thinks. However, it is a must. You have to learn to build yourself up, because if you don’t, people will continue to tear you down. Stop caring what others thinks! The only opinion that matters is yours.

As you all know by now, I am 23 years old, and I love myself! Learning how to love myself has helped in many areas of my life. I no longer deal with BS from people. I no longer care what people have to say about me, because truth is, my opinion only matters. I had to learn that people will always talk about you. Whether you are doing bad, good, or alright.

Learning to love yourself gives you the power to walk in confidence and not care what society says about you. 

If you do those 6 things daily, I promise you that the way you view yourself will change.

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2 thoughts on “I Love ME!

  1. Jasmine says:

    Yes! Loving who you are and the life that was designed for you to walk in will free you from the world. I like what you said about “becoming your own best friend.” This is important because although we all have our down moments, loving ourselves leaves us with a firmer cushion to fall down on if we do fall. Nice perspective Chels!

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