Is He Right For You?

I know we have all questioned if the man we were interested in or currently with is right for us.

I know I have done so in the past and I have caused myself many headaches trying to figure it all out.

However, don’t stress yourselves out. I have a learned a few things in my lifetime and I have a check list for you to go over.

If this special person gets all the check marks, then he may just be right for you!

Check List Below:

Does he compliment you?

Does he respect your beliefs?

Does he try to change you?

Is he a good listener?

Is he faithful?

Is he ambitious?

Is he a Doer or Dreamer?

Does he take an interest in your hobbies or what you want to do with your life?

Is he a comforter?

Is he supportive? 

Is he dependable?

Is he responsible?

Does he make you happy. Like really happy?

Does he pray for you?

Does he motivate you?

Does he accept all of your flaws and you as a person?

Does he share the same common end relationship goal as you?

These are just a few that I thought were very important to look at. Every woman is different and wants different things.

I was reading this one book and the author advised for all women to make a list of the things they wanted and did not want in a man.

I strongly encourage you to do so. Don’t let other people tell you that by doing that, you’re being superficial.

Because you’re not.

You are writing down the qualities and characteristics you want your future boyfriend and or husband to have.

It is nothing wrong with that.

It helps you to visualize what you want and don’t want. In all honesty, you tend to notice very quickly if someone does not meet the traits of what you want.

Let me know how you determine if someone is right for you or not!


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