Living vs Existing

My definition of living is when you make up in your mind that you are going to live life everyday to the fullest. You are not making up any excuses on why you are unable to do something, and you are making all of your dreams and goals a reality. You eliminate the “I can’t attitude” and replace it with the “I will and can” attitude.

You by no means waste time thinking about what others think, and what the world tells you that you should be doing. Instead, you make your own rules and you live the life God wanted for you to live to the fullest!

My definition of existing is when you live day to day with regrets. You began to develop this never ending cycle of going to work and going home. You never truly live your life, because you have filled your mind up with reasons of why you can’t. When you are just existing you become a negative person (in most cases) and you live your life through others who are making their dreams and goals a reality. Just existing in this world will cause you to question the decisions you have made in your life, cause you to go into depression, and put you in this rut of a defeated attitude. 

I will never forget my freshmen year in college when they had us go to this comedy show (he was not funny by the way). He told us that we were in school for us and we have control over the kind of life we wanted to live. He asked us if we wanted to be the typical American who bitched (excuse my language) about their jobs, or did we want to be someone who went out and made their dreams a reality?

It is 5 years later and that question still pounces around in my mind. I hate complaining and I strongly dislike when people complain. I have sooooo much to thank God for and he has blessed me in numerous of ways. I consider myself truly blessed and when I complain about my job or anything in my life, it puts me in a really bad mood.

 When you start to feed your fears of failure, you start to develop this pattern of playing it safe. Playing it safe hurts no one but yourself at the end of the day.

With every failure comes success.

I vowed to make all of my dreams a reality and to build the life that I want, and not the life that others tell me I should have. I refuse to just exist in this world. When God calls me home I want to of had impacted the world in a positive way and to have lived a full life.!

Complaining changes nothing! It actually makes you a not so pleasant person to be around.

My favorite thing to tell anyone is to live the life God has blessed you with.

Live on purpose and pray always!

You only get one life to live, so make it count!

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