Words Kill.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, then please don’t speak.

Words can kill.

Not in the physical sense so much either. I am speaking more mental and spiritual here.

Growing up, I can admit people often bullied me. I quickly learned to use my fist. I often hid how what people said to me and about me.

I developed the idea that emotions were for the weak and to stop the hurtful words, you should punch someone in the face or fire back with the same hurtful words.

At 23, I have come to the realization that words hurt and words matter. People in today’s world are cruel and they don’t care what kind of impact they have on people when they say hurtful things.

Yes, we should all have tough skin.

Yes, we should not let the opinions or others impact or affect what we believe about ourselves.

Because truth of the matter is, no one opinions matters but Gods.

However, words kill.

Words are the very thing that puts people into depression.

Words are the very thing that sets the environment for bullying. 

Words are the very thing that sets the tone for suicidal thoughts and the act itself.

Words are the very thing that set the tone for low self esteem. 

We as a society…as a world…need to do better.

I know what it feels like to be bullied.

I make it my goal to not speak harsh things to people (no matter what they say to me), because you can never take them back. You never know what impact your words have on someone else.

We need to start eliminating the hurtful words, and replacing them with uplifting and loving words.

It all starts with YOU today.

Lets vow to use words that will help elevate someone.

Lets vow to use words that will inspire someone.

Lets vow to use words to let them know that they and their lives matter.

Lets start being the positive change we need in the world! 

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2 thoughts on “Words Kill.

  1. fbarbare says:

    Beautiful post! I too use to turn to fist when others would say harmful things. I was constantly involved in fights at school and it took a long time for me to get out of my ways. Looking back I hated that I acted that way, but words do hurt and at a young age you only have so many ways to deal with it.


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