My Roots Are B..E..A..U..T..I..F..U..L

I want you to repeat after me, “my roots are beautiful”!

I graduated high school in 2011 and I went right to college. For all of 22 years of my life, I struggled with what beauty meant, and if I fit into the category and definition of beauty.

I so badly wanted to be light skin with long hair growing up. No surprise there though. From the day that I was born, society has told me that I was not beautiful.

I was not the right shade of black.

My hair was too kinky.

I had too many curves.

It was not until the semester before my last year in college that I decided to do some research. I decided to take a look at who God created me to be and start embracing it. I often thought to myself, how can I give advice on embracing who God designed us to be, if I was not doing the same?

I have been natural for about 2 years (going on three in the winter) now. I must say, being natural was one of the best decisions I made in my lifetime thus far.

Embracing my roots has given me the confidence that I was lacking my entire life!

The problem comes into play when people talk about your (my) natural hair. My family and some of my friends in particular (love them all dearly), are my biggest critics when it comes to me being natural. They have said things that has been very hurtful. 

“Do you need money to get your hair done?”

“Why are you wearing your hair like that?

” Can you please get a weave”

“I like you better with straight hair”

” Everyone cannot rock the natural look”

“You will not get a job with your hair like that”

Yes, what they have said is hurtful, and if I did not have tough skin, or confidence in myself, I would’ve fallen a part. However, I don’t blame them nor the other people who make very similar comments (sometimes worse) about blacks deciding to wear their natural hair.

It is a forum of brainwashing. We have as a people…as a community…as a country…have all been brainwashed. We are lead to believe that black people wearing their natural hair is ugly and not the norm. Our ancestors were forced to get rid of everything that reminded them of where they had come from and who they were as a people.

This country has tricked us into bashing people for embracing who God had made them to be. Instead of society acknowledging that black people are different (skin tone, features, hair, etc.) and learning about it, people shame us. I have been talked about for wearing my hair in its natural state.

It is actually a forum of bullying to be honest.

Did you know that relaxers and weaves came about to make black people more European like?

***F.Y.I: Relaxers are actually bad for the body and the hair.

Yes, Egyptians and other African tribes wore wigs. However, their wigs represented their natural hair. 

Did you know that blacks natural hair represented their material status, social class, and health status?

Did you know by bashing people who decide to wear their hair in its natural state, that you are to blame for the many problems we have within this country?

Below, is 2 videos that speaks about natural hair.

If you decide to wear relaxed, straight, or weaves, that is your choice. Just like it is mines and others like me choice to wear our hair in its natural state. Instead of speaking hurtful and cruel words to someone, try complimenting them. If you don’t like their hair, that is fine as well. It is better to not speak, if you have nothing nice to say.

God did not create us the same for a reason! If he wanted us be exactly the same he would’ve done so. We all our uniquely made and we need to start embracing that!

We need to start embracing who God created us to be.

I’m here to tell you, embrace ya roots girl, you’re beautiful!

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4 thoughts on “My Roots Are B..E..A..U..T..I..F..U..L

  1. Olimpia says:

    And here I am, with thin straight blonde hair, and some days I would kill for a big beautiful head of curls! I love that more and more women are starting to leave their own hair alone and embrace what they have naturally, and I applaud you for encouraging it.

    Cheers from a fellow SBS’er!

    Liked by 1 person

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