Online Dating

Yes, you read the headline correctly.

I am going to be honest here, I was against online dating for all of my life until recently. I always valued meeting someone face to face and getting to know them. I figured you can weed of the crazies faster.


Yes I still like to meet people face to face, but lets be honest here. With this shift to everything being on the internet and peoples busy schedule, dating in this world is impossible!

I  believe people actually would like to date online, but are afraid of all of the misconceptions about it. You know what your friends and family tell you. It’s crazy people on the internet, how do you know if that is a real person? That’s just desperation….blah…blah…blah.

My favorite response to all of that is, “Don’t knock it until you have tried it”. “You can meet crazy people in person just as much as you can online”. “You have to date smart online and off line”. “That does not make me desperate, because I am exploring my options”. 

So, I decided to let you guys know a few benefits of online dating! 

  1. Online dating gives you a boost of self confidence! Think about it. When you find the right dating website (I’ll make another post and reviews about which ones to use), you will quickly see how many men are interested in you and who thinks your beautiful. You will quickly develop this mindset of why stress over one person when there is 1,000 men waiting to spend time with you.
  2. You’re in control of who you want to go out with, and who you don’t want to go out with. You can scroll through peoples profiles and pictures to decide if you both would have something in common. I like to read about what people like and don’t like. Their beliefs, hobbies, education status, etc. That helps me to know if this person would possibly be a good match for me or not. It makes me feel like I am in control of the situation, and I don’t have to be in a rush to make a decision on if I might possibly like this guy. Basically, he is waiting on me to choose him.
  3. The crazies revels themselves very quickly! We have this thing about saving face. Which means we are not our true selves when we meet people for the first few times. Often times when we meet someone in person we think that they would be a good fit for us. However, within 90 days, we quickly realize they had way more problems then what they had led you to believe. When it comes to online dating, people tend to tell everything about themselves. You notice how someone types, the things they talk, about, and how they say things very quickly if they would be a good match for you.
  4. Online dating provides you with options. Unless you have absolutely nothing to do (work or school), you may have the time to go out in the world and meet (date) multiple people. However, the average person does not have that much free time. When we have options, it helps us be more cautious to giving our all to someone who is undeserving.  When you have options, you become selfish with you and you become selective with who you become in a committed relationship with.
  5. You can immediately delete someone from your life if the date goes bad! When you are dating online you don’t have to provide someone with your number right away if you don’t want to. You can simply tell them that you are not ready to give that to them and you hope they understand (it works too). You both would just pick a location and meet up there. If the date goes bad, they have this special feature called “block”.  You can stop all communication with this person and move on with your life.

All in all, I am for both kinds of dating. Whether it is in person or online, you still have to be careful with who you date. Online dating just gives you another way to meet that special someone!

I am going to have more posts about which website to use and how to date online safely. If this is something you would want to know more about, make sure you subscribe and follow my Blog for updates!

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