Just Live Ya Life

Life has a way of making us freak out over things that are outside of our control. I know I am guilty of over stressing about things in my life that are completely out of my control. I have recently discovered that by me behaving this way, I am basically telling God that I do not believe his word. I know for one, that is not the kind of message I want to give off to God.

Recently at work, I did not perform as high as I normally would. Given, the entire time I have been working for this company I have always been one of the top 3 performers. So you can imagine to my surprise when this month ended, that I did not meet the teams performance goal.

No one, and I mean no one is as hard on me as I am on myself. I work very hard in everything that I do and I excel at everything I set my mind to. To not meet the team performance metric I was devastated! I started becoming highly upset about the situation, and I started questioning everything I did after college. I allowed the negative thoughts to invade my mind and to cause me to become upset about something that was outside of my control.

When I finally took time to calm down, I realized sometimes you just have bad months. If I can honestly say I did my best, then that is all that matters.

We have to learn to just live our lives and not let the small things get in the way of our happiness. 

Life is going to happen whether or not you are ready for it. It’s not so much about what happens in life, it is more about how we respond to what has happened in our lives.

I could of had easily let last month impact my performance for this month, but I decided to let it go and move forward. When we let God be in control of our lives, we tend to have a better mindset and response for when things do not go as we had planed. The reason is because we know God is always in control and nothing is impossible for him!

We only get one life to live and I don’t want you all to live it worrying about things that are outside of your control. Just take life and its obstacles by the horns and roll with the punches.

You will and can get through it!

As long as you are doing your best and not doing any harm to anyone else… just remember to life ya life!

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