Motivational Monday

I hope everyone had a excellent Monday!

I thought I would share this video with you, because it is a great way to finish or start your day (depending on your schedule and location in the world).

I know this is the beginning of the week and depending on how last week went, you may need a spice of inspiration!

The biggest life lesson that I have learned and still grasping is don’t dwell on the things that are outside of your control, and learn to accept things for the way that they are.

If last week did not go as planned, that’s okay. You have another 6 days in front of you to try again. Don’t be afraid to fail or to try again, because no one gets it right the first time around.

You only have one life to live! Don’t live it regretting the things that you did not do, or beating yourself up for things not going as planned.

Don’t you know God is always in control?

Don’t you know you will get through it?

Don’t you know if you keep pushing through the challenges, you will eventually get the rewards?

Nothing and I mean nothing in life worth having is going to come easy. But, I promise if you endure to the end and count on God, you will see the reward. 

So I want you to dust off your shoes and shoulders and try again!

Remember, giving up is never an option!

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