Love without limits

We have all suffered a heart break. Some more than others. We are all guilty of holding on to that hurt and taking our pain out on the people that are undeserving. Unfortunately, it is the bad experiences that we hold on to and it is because of those bad experiences we put restrictions on our ability to truly love someone. 

We all on some level crave love. We want to be loved by that man or woman that peaks our interest. We want them to see us for who we really are and not what we portray ourselves to be. However, it is the fear of being rejected by this individual, that we decide to put limits to our love.

When you truly love someone…there are no limits.

You don’t limit yourself to how much of you reveal about who you really are. You don’t limit yourself to the amount of things you do for them. Because, overall making them happy will make you happy.

You are more than a romantic partner to them.

You are their friend…

You are their shoulder to cry on…

You are their support system…

You are their diary…

You are their voice of reason. 

Loving someone without limits is not losing sight of who you are. It’s embracing who God created you to be and not being afraid to share that with someone who is deserving of your love.

We have to be careful to not let our past hurts impact our current relationships. Because, truth is… everyone is different. Not every man or woman will hurt you in the same way the previous person did. In most cases, it’s not even the person we are involved with…it’s us. We as human beings have patterns, and we have dating patterns.

When we allow ourselves to love someone who is deserving of our love without limits, we experience the true beauty of being in love and love itself.

I want you to get rid of all of your negative thoughts about love. Get rid of all of the past hurt. Forgive the person(s) who has wronged and hurt you. If you are unable to do this on your own, that is perfectly fine. You are always able to call on God to show you how to move forward. He is always here to help you get through any obstacle in your life.

When you truly let go of everything and everyone that has hurt you, you will be able to love without limits. You will adopt a positive attitude about love and dating. 

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