Do I Trust You?

By definition trust means reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

My definition of trust is being able to be confident in the person you are in a committed relationship with. You are confident that they will take your feelings into consideration when doing things and they will not do things that will intentionally hurt you.

Trusting people in this era we are living in is very hard to do. With social media rising and everyone pretending to be something they are not, it is very difficult to believe people are genuine and honest. 

I know for me trusting someone is very hard for me to do. I have had my fair share of hurt, as many people have. However, when do I or we say enough is enough? When do we give people the benefit of the doubt?

Is it to much of a pain for us to believe that there are trustworthy people out there? Have we been through too much hurt for us to see that there are people who care about us?

I am a big believer of believing when someone shows you their true self. Which typically happens within the first 90 days. If they show you they are a liar…believe that. If they show you they are trustworthy…believe that.

We cannot walk around with the “I am a target” attitude. Because everyone is not the same! Everyone will not miss use or miss treat you. There are some great people out in the world!

When it comes to relationships…trust is huge! Without it, the relationship will not last.

Both parties has to take into consideration of the other persons feelings. If x tells you this makes me feel this way when you do this, believe them. Put the shoes on the other feet and make the needed adjustments for your relationship.

Relationships are a lot of work! And it takes God, communication, and trust to make it last a lifetime.

If you are hesitant to trust your partner, you have to ask yourself why. It could be something they are doing or something that you are doing to yourself. Either situation, you need to address and fix it for the health of your relationship.

Trusting someone with your most inner secrets and heart is a hard thing to do. However, if you are wanting to be this person, it is something you are going to have to learn to do.

Besides, how can you truly love someone…if you don’t trust them?

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