No Excuses!

When I was younger, the only thing I was ever for sure about was that I was going to write for a living. I often dreamed of writing stories and helping others through my writing, and I knew one day I would reach that dream/goal. Well, it is 2016 and I have achieved that goal! I will have had two books published  (one self published) by the age 23, and I am very proud of myself.

Now, I am not telling you this to brag. I am sharing this with you so you know that your dreams/goals are just as achievable as mines. You have to first change your mind set to a “can do mindset” and to remember to never give up. Writing a book is not easy. It is very time consuming. Just because you think the book will be a good one, does not mean everyone else would like your book. Not only is writing a book time consuming, it is expensive (if you want good quality).

Because writing is something I am very passionate about, I never gave up. I pushed through the challenges and now I am seeing my work in action. I must admit, it feels pretty good!

Whatever you are passionate about, keep going. It does not matter if you have 5…1..0 supporters. As long as you believe in your dream/goal and you have God on your side, then you don’t need anyone else.

This year is quickly ending, and I don’t want you to go into another year with the same mindset. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO.

Vow to conquer the impossible this year.

Vow to make your dreams a reality.

Vow to be happy.

And remember, enjoy the process.

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