I was watching this video my publisher posted on Facebook about New Years Resolutions. She made a very great point about how we always say this year I am going to do X, Y, and  Z and we never do it. Sure, we may start off the first two weeks with every intention on achieving our goals, but our laziness kicks in…following our lets give up attitude.

She made the suggestion of declaring you will do X, Y, and Z. By telling yourself you will do something, you are allowing your mind to switch itself. Take a look at my post about shifting your mind.

So, I want you to declare today… you will achieve X, Y, Z this year!

I will self publish two more books by the end of 2017.

I will travel this year

I will sell 50 copies of my book.

I will have 5 speaking engagements set up this year.

I will have a profitable freelance writing business.

I will connect with other artists and other people this year.

I will have a further relationship with the lord.

I will have a healthy… successful relationship with my boyfriend.

See, it helps to switch your mindset from being negative to positive. Whatever it may be, just know YOU are in control of your future. God wants the best for his children…you just have to claim and go after it!

Let me know some of your declarations for 2017!!!

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