7 Starter Dating Tips

If you’re ready to get back into the dating world… check out some of my helpful tips below! 

  1. Determine if you are ready to seriously  date or are you looking to date for fun: Depending on which you decide would help to decipher which guys you would and would not go on a date with. If you are looking to settle down, than do not go on a date with men who are just looking for fun. This will cause you tons of frustrations in the long run and you will eventually have wasted your time dating Mr. Wrong.  
  2. When you go on your 1st date, do not and I mean do not tell your entire life story: The first date is a time where you are getting to know one another. You are listening to see if what he is saying matches up to someone you could potentially like enough to go on a second date with. Telling your entire story before he had the chance to preview the book, could turn him off. Which could lead him running for the hills. You will feel that you wasted your time because you have shared some intimate things about yourself with this individual and he just stopped calling.
  3. Learn to listen: You can usually tell a lot  about someone by the kind of conversations they have. If this person brings up sex several times and you have only been on 2 dates, chances are he just wants to get you in bed. 
  4. Do not play mind games: As women, we tend to assume our guy counterparts know what we are thinking, when in reality they don’t. If you have no intentions on going home with this person, then just be honest about it. Do not assume they know. Your date could be going very well and they can assume it will lead to the bedroom, when all you are doing is being polite. This can cause major conflict and you do not want the headache. 
  5. Be honest: before you can be honest with anyone else you have to learn to be honest with yourself. You have to know why you are going on dates and what you are hoping to get out of them. When you have been dating someone for x amount of time, at some point you have to state what you want. Whether it is a committed relationship or just a friendship. Either way, you need to be honest about it. This will help generate conversation to see where things are and if you both are on the same page. 
  6. Don’t be afraid to date more than one person: Yes, I said it. Dating more than one person can help you to understand what you are wanting in a romantic partner. If you have not made things official, then there is really no reason in being a loyal dating person. You are free to date other people. 
  7. Do not be afraid to walk out of a date: If your date is going horribly wrong, never be afraid to leave. You can always excuse yourself to the bathroom and head for the exit. Or you can have a close friend call you and tell the person you are on a date with that you have to leave due to an emergency. Please do not feel obligated to stay though a horrible date. You have every right to leave. 

There you have it! Those are what I call my 7 starter dating tips.

If you learn to be yourself and enjoy the dating scene, I am pretty confident you will enjoy dating! 

Let me know what you think! 

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