Consistency is Key

No matter what you decide to do in life, consistency is key!

I have been on this very long journey of obtaining a healthy life style. I have never had my mind fully made up and I wanted to lose weight for all of the wrong reasons.

“I hate my pudge.”

“I want to be skinny so all of the guys will want me…so he will want me.”

“Having a mid section is not attractive and my man will find someone who does not have it.”

“If I can just lose the weight, I will feel better about myself.”

“I’m tired of not fitting into my clothes.”

If you have felt this way about yourself, please keep reading.

When it comes to obtaining a healthy lifestyle, you have to decide why you are doing it. If it is to fit into some made up societal “norm” you will never be happy with who you are. I sat down one day and really evaluated why I wanted to lose weight. I quickly realized 99% of the reasons for wanting to lose weight was because, I wanted other peoples’ perception of me to change. I wanted to fit into that box society tries to place us all in.

The reason why I was not able to stay consistent with my journey was because, I was doing it for all of the wrong reasons.

I sat and thought long an hard about why I wanted to lose weight. One day,  I started to write in my journal the reasons for wanting to lose weight. The number one reason was to become healthy. I have a lot of work to do in my lifetime, and I will not be able to do so if I am constantly feeling tired due to my bad eating habits. I want to become the best version  of myself and I can only do so by staying consistent with my healthy lifestyle journey.

I will never be a size 2! And I am perfectly fine with that. I have curves and I am what I call “blessed in all the right areas,” and I am embracing that! My journey is not about losing weight to please others. My journey is about becoming the best version of myself!

When you make up in your mind why you are wanting to lose weight, you will get through the tough times. You will have enough strength to keep going on the days where you just want to sit in the house and eat a cupcake. If you remain consistent and develop healthy habits, you will be happy with the outcome!

 Let me know the weight loss/healthy goals you have!

We can help push and motivate one another 🙂

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