Happy Friday!

Here is some motivation for you and it is a great way to start the weekend 🙂

It’s as if they’re standing at the foot of a mountain,
And they have this abstract concept,
Called impact that they want to have in the world,
Which is the summit.

What they don’t see is the mountain.

I don’t care if you go up the mountain quickly or slowly,
But there’s still a mountain.

And so what this young generation needs to learn,
Is patience.

That some things that really Ignore matter,
Like love,
Or job fulfillment,
Love of life,
A skillset,

Any of these things,
All of these things take time.

Sometimes you can expedite pieces of it,
But the overall journey,
Is arduous,
And long,
And difficult.

And if you don’t ask for help,
And learn that skillset,
You will fall off the mountain.
~ Simon Sinek ~

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