The Insecure Me

Have you ever been insecure? And I am not speaking to being insecure in a romantic relationship. I am referring to being insecure in life.

Have you mapped out the perfect plan for your life?

I am guilty of doing so. I will be the first to tell you that life does not go as planned. Life has this way of throwing us curve balls and you either get out of the way or you jump on the wave and ride it until the end.

Insecurities develop from the lack of confidence in oneself. You question yourself on if you are making the right decision(s) or if you are living the correct lifestyle. You often find yourself stuck and you start to develop a daily routine of playing it safe. Never taking chances and never learning to trust yourself is better than believing in yourself and taking steps out on faith.

Being insecure in yourself will leave you living a unfulfilled life. 

Learning to fully trust yourself is the best gift you can give yourself. When you fully trust you, you no longer question if you are making the right decision on quitting that job or starting that business. You know in your heart you are making the right decision and you will do everything you can to see it through.   

I vowed that things would be different this year.

I vowed to not let my insecurities about the unknown leave me at a stand still.

I vowed to face my fears head on this year.

I vowed to not settle and to make my dreams my reality.

Are you ready to take control of your secret doubts? Are you ready to go after all that life has for you? If so, start today by facing all of your insecurities about yourself and telling them they no longer have any control over you. 

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