What Happened To The Love

We are living in a time full of dark days. With everything that is going on in the media, I cannot help but to wonder, what happened to the love?

Have people always been this cruel?

Have people always been this ignorant?

It breaks my heart that we have become so divided as a country. I do not believe people are born to hate, I believe it is something that is taught. And to all of the parents out here teaching their children to hate, shame on you!

So what you have people who look different from you or have a different nationality/religion from you!

Does that mean you treat them less than because you are afraid of something that is different?

Does that mean you make them feel unloved and like something is wrong with them?

Despite who someone is, we still should show them love and compassion. As a woman of God, my duty is not to judge people for their actions, who they are, or what they look like. My job is to love, pray and to show compassion towards people.

It is so easy to display hate, but yet it is difficult to show love, why?

Is it because deep down you really hate yourself or are you just so consumed with your life that you do not care about others? 

When we are divided as a country, nothing will go well! We need to come together as one and fight together and not one another. We need to start accepting that not everyone is the same and being okay with that.  We need to learn to not display hate, but instead display love.

Life is already hard enough, so why add to it?

It is 2017 and I would love to get to a point where we come together as a people and learn to work together. I would love for people to not to judge someone or outcast someone because they are different from them.

However, it is 2017 and we have yet to grasp that love is way more powerful than hate. We are still fighting the same fights our ancestors fought long ago.

So my question is, what happened to the love?

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