Take Control of You

I have been working out for about 2.5 months now and I have never been more determined then I am now to get back to my normal weight. And I am not talking about the unrealistic size my doctor told me I should be for my height group. I am talking about the weight size I have been my entire life.

For the longest of time I made excuses as to why I could not lose the weight. I allowed depression to take a hold of me and loving the wrong boys did not make anything better. Last year, I decided to take control of my life and to stop making excuses. Currently, I weigh 186.5 pounds and I have lost 6.5 pounds so far!

I am not sharing this with you to make you feel some kind of way about yourself. I am sharing this with you so you can decide to take control of your life. Everyone will not be a size 2 and that is fine. It is about embracing and loving the woman you are. I knew I was over weight because of the way I felt. I got tired of feeling tired all of the time and wanted better for myself.

While working out today, I started smiling. I smiled at the fact that I am become a phenomenal woman who is not afraid to be herself! As I was working out on the elliptical, I promised that I would not give up on myself. I will stay prayed up and I will take chances from here on out.

Working out for me is just not about losing weight. It is about obtaining a healthy lifestyle and releasing the stresses of the world. When or if you decide that you want to lose x amount of pounds, you have to determine your why. Your why will be the very thing that will keep you motivated.

Always remember, when you work hard at something, you will get results!

Share with me some of your weight loss goals. What are some tips you have about having fun while working out?

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