Dear America

Dear America,

I do not understand why we put so much value into the people on the television, but we undervalue the people who can make the country a better place. Teachers, lawyers, doctors, police officers (good policeman, not the bad apples), military, governors, to name a few; all make a difference in our everyday lives. However, we do not even acknowledge the things they do. We worship Beyoncé for making a political stance, but outcast individuals who decided to not vote in the joke of an election.


If Hilary Clinton was such a great presidential candidate and cared so much about the people within this country, where is she now? Why not fight the good fight on the outside like Bernie Sanders? Why not protest with your fellow sisters?

When will we learn this fight is bigger than race?

When will we learn to support one another and stop belittling one another because we have different view/beliefs?

When will we learn/understand everyone will not agree with your views?    

I am not for one second excusing the unjust treatment the people who look like me has endured over the past decades.

I’m nor for one second excusing the unjust police killings, because it is not ethical nor right.

However, that is the way the world operates. I’ve come into understanding that the battle we are fighting is a spiritual battle and it is not against the flesh.

I’m done being a victim to a system that put hypocritical, unrealistic, inhuman beliefs/stereotypes/bondage on people who look like me.

I am black and I am a woman. I’m not allowing “the man” behind the scene to predict my life. I’m am not allowing social media to influence the way I treat people who look different from me.  I will not allow this country to mute me!

I do not look to any celebrity to take or make a change in my life, because I’m doing that already. Instead, I look to my brothers and sisters, governors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, police officers, and senators to make a change. If we stand together on one accord and one mind with the same goal of a better country, then we will accomplish just that.

Now, for all of the beehive or people who are fans of the people on television, I am not for one second upset with Beyoncé or any other celebrity who is taking a stand to make things better. I applaud them for doing their job. All I am saying is we have to fight the good fight as one united.

I am taking a stand today. I stand for justice. I stand for equality. I stand for unity. I do not and will never put my trust into another human being. A person who can die and bleed just as I can has no power over my future and the things I will accomplish. God and God alone is and always will be in control of my life.

It’s time to stop fighting one another and time to come together. I take the pledge to show and love everyone in a time where we only see hate. I take a pledge to help teach and build strong children for tomorrows future leaders. I pledge to keep living and to keep praying for better days.

I hope you will take the pledge with me today!

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