How to Ruin You 20s

Nobody said growing up would be so hard!

It’s really not as bad as we have made it out to be. In fact, if you follow these 6 guidelines you’ll rock out your 20s with a bang.

  1. Stop worrying: Yes, we all have plans and sometimes things do not go as planned. In fact, the plans we put together never really happens the we have imagined. Instead,  life throws us a few curve balls and we just have to do our best with riding the wave(s). Life is beautiful and you have to stop stressing over every little thing, because you’ll look up and your 20s will pass you by.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others: This actually should be rule number 1. We too often get caught up in social media and what other people are posting about, that we question the things we are doing. You know, you see that Jo Jo received a promotion, Jackie lost 10 pounds, Judy got married, and Sarah is traveling the world, so you start to think that you failed in life. Truth is, you have not failed. lets be honest, there is no how to guide about how to live this thing we call life. You have to realize everyone is at different spots within their lives and just because you have not reached a certain point, does not mean you never will. It is just not your time. Instead of wishing you were doing what someone else is, try congratulating them and be appreciative of the things you have going on in your life.
  3. Learn to love you: When you truly learn to love yourself, you truly unlock the key to happiness. You do not care about what others are doing or thinking about you, because you understand and appreciate the person you are and the person you are becoming.
  4. If something is making you unhappy and miserable…change it:  We often get complacent in  certain things within our lives and become afraid to make the needed change, that we do nothing. We go everyday complaining about our jobs…relationship…finances etc. Instead of complaining about the things that makes us unhappy, how about coming up with a plan to change it. If you want to start your own business, map out a plan. If you want to travel more, map out a plan. If you want to start saving money, start small and watch your money build! Don’t go another day..month…year…with being unhappy. Make the change today.
  5. Relax, you’re only in your 20s: Don’t be in a rush to be 40. Enjoy discovering you and being 20 something. However, do not be irresponsible, because it will come back and bite you. If you keep living and enjoying the life you have been blessed with, everything will fall into place.
  6. Never settle: Do not settle in any area of your life. Do not settle in your relationship. Do not settle in your job. Do not settle with your finances. Do not settle with yourself.

All in all, enjoy your life! Don’t kill your 20s by doing too much 😉

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