Why He Cheated

I was reading an article about the reasons why men cheat. To my surprise, most men cheat because they do not feel appreciated. While I do not tolerate cheating of any sort and that is the number one deal breaker for me, I can understand why that would lead to  cheating in a relationship. 

I recently had a wake up call in my relationship. I have developed this selfish all about me habit when it comes to being in a relationship. I have been hurt too many times in my past relationships, that I have this wall built between me and another individual. I figure, I’ll get everything I want out of someone before they leave me and disregard how they feel about things. I’ll be the first to admit, this is the wrong way to go about things in a relationship. If your you man is not making you feel secure about something, the best thing is to talk about it. You should never shut out what hurts them, because you feel they are hurting you. 

My boyfriend and I are not perfect, but we have no problem communicating how we feel about things between one another. Every morning before I head to work, I would give him a kiss goodbye and if he is awake enough, he compliments me on how I look. He actually compliments me a lot lol. If I am upset, he is there to comfort me and to listen to what I have to say.

My boyfriend is a very sweet and caring individual and I took that for granted. I realized after one disagreement we had about how I made him feel, that I did not show how much I appreciated him. I just figured he knew that I appreciated him. I am here to tell you to not assume your man knows you appreciate him. You have to show and tell him on a daily basics. 

I decided to write this post to outline someways to show your man that he is appreciated. 

  1. Plan a trip/outing for the both of you: This does not have to be expensive. You can look up local resorts or hotels within your area. Having a night out the house with just the two of you could be what you and he needs. And taking time to plan a trip somewhere shows appreciation, because it takes time to plan a trip. 
  2. Compliment him: We as women get complimented wherever we go. Men really do not get complimented as much as we do, and it can do things to their self-esteem. Men not only get haircuts for themselves, but they get them to look good for their women as well. Letting him know he looks good, will give him that extra boost to his confidence. 
  3. Instead of telling him what he does wrong, try telling him what he does right: Men already think we nag all of the time. Think about it, if you had someone constantly telling you what you do/did wrong and never what you do/did right, you would think the same thing. And it would not motivate you to make the needed changes either. Try telling him what he does right for change. By focusing on the positives in your relationship, it will decrease the negativity within your relationship. When you bring something to his attention, he would more than likely be more inclined to make the changes, like clean the toilet, because you told him on numerous of occasions you appreciated the small things he does. 
  4. Spend time with him: I am not a fan of sports and I barely watch cartoons. However, my man love sports and these Japanese cartoons (they are really good btw). I take a genuine interest in what he likes to watch on television and the things he likes to do. This allows us to spend time together and a chance for me to learn more about him. 
  5. Support your man dreams/goals: My boyfriend is an actor and model. I am at every event he has and I offer advise on areas where he can approve and what he did well. We are building a future together and I understand his success is my success. I want nothing more for him to live out all of his dreams and if I can help in anyway, I am going to do just that. Do not be a dead beat downer and tell him what he cannot do. Instead, encourage and breathe life into your man. By taking a genuine interest in his dreams, it shows you care about what is important to him. 

These are just some starting points to show appreciation for your man. Now, I am not saying this will prevent cheating in a relationship, but making sure your man feels appreciated could decrease the chances of cheating. 

Make sure to comment below some of your suggestions and add any feedback to what I have stated below. 

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