Refocus on YOU

Often times, when we are in a committed relationship we forget about us. We become so focused on our man/woman, that we forget about our wants and or needs. If you’re familiar with this, then you know you know where I’m coming from. 

I’m here to tell you that you cannot forget about you in a relationship. You still have to do the things that made you happy, and remember who you are while being in your committed relationship. 

I’m guilty of losing sight of my goals and what made me before I got into a committed relationship. And I can ensure you that by not focusing in on your wants and needs, you’ll put your relationship in jeopardy. I had to rediscover myself. I had to take myself out of my relationship and focus in on what Chelsea liked to do. 

No, this will not create a wedge between your partner and you. This will help the relationship grow, if done correctly. 

Here are a few ways to rediscover yourself!

  1. Go on a mini vacation by yourself: Learning to go on vacations by yourself will help you to be okay with traveling alone and will provide you the time to discover you while on the road. Just travel safe. You can look up how to do so, and I’ll write a post about it as well.
  2. Find out what you’re passionate about and do it often: I am very passionate about writing and helping people. I work full time at a school and I write for a living. When you take time out to focus in on what your passionate about and how to turn that into a profit, you’ll have less time to obsess over your relationship. 
  3. Date yourself: Learning to date myself was the best thing I could’ve done. I don’t need my man to go out to the movies with me and or to eat, because I can do that all by myself. Yes, I love our dates and the time that we do share with one another. However, when he is busy with his things, I just go out by myself.
  4. Hang with your friends: Let’s keep it real here. My boyfriend works a full time job, is an actor, and a model. Sometimes he just may not have the time to hang out with me like I want him to, so having my friends to hang with is really great. Never and I mean never get rid of your friends when you’re in a relationship. Real friends are hard to find and they will always be here for you no matter what. 

Those are the 4 things you can start to do to rediscover you. 

Of course, spending time with one another is highly important. Time spent vs time not spent can make or break a relationship. However, you have to be careful to not become your relationship. You have to still do the things that made you who you are before you got into that relationship. 

Let me know what you think! 

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