Bye, Bye…Fear 

Growing up, we are told what to do and how to do it. We are told, according to our economical class how successful our lives will be. We are told to obtain degrees and get involved, so it might help with getting a job after 4 plus years in college. 

F.Y.I– I am a fan of higher education. I believe you should get higher education if you feel it woul benefit your life, not because you were told it would. 

I’m lucky enough to have parents who told me that I can be and do anything I set my mind to. Unfortunately, I listened to what the world thought I should be doing at my age, instead of asking God for direction. 

Not following and living your purpose in life will only cause depression and disappointment. There are multiple paths to success and you don’t have to do the typical 9-5. Actually, success and your definition of it alone is what matters most. 

Life is really what you make it. Of course, you’ll have ups and downs, that’s given. However, it’s about picking yourself up and trying again. For every successful person, there a few failures along the way. For every successful person, they had to make some kind of sacrifice.

What I really want out of life scares the living crap out of me! I’m afraid of failure. I’m afraid of actually getting what I want. I’m afraid of the time it will take. I’m afraid of the sacrifices I’ll have to make. However, I have decided two things. 

  1. If your dreams don’t scare or challenge you, than you should go back to the drawing board. 
  2.  I’m going to do it afraid. I will no longer let fear stop me. 

I’m here to challenge you to face your fears head on! Look yourself in the mirror and say bye, bye doubts, and hello opportunities!
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2 thoughts on “Bye, Bye…Fear 

  1. Mistie Yvette says:

    I can so relate to you on this! I found my passion years and years ago but fear has definitely held me back! Every day it’s a battle, do I sit around not accomplishing anything, or do I fight through the fear and go after my dreams? Insightful post!

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