Being Single Is A Blessing

Being single is a B….L…E…S…S…I…N…G.

Yes, I am in a committed relationship and I love my boyfriend. However, when I was single, I enjoyed being single. Now, I am enjoying life in a committed relationship.

I am going to drive home this concept of being single as a blessing and not a bad thing.

Here is why…

We have all dated jerks in our lives.

You know:

  •  Mr. No calling you.
  • Mr. Cheater.
  • Mr. Liar.
  •  Mr. Abuser.

If you can recall the relationship, do you remember the hurt you felt while in that relationship and after the relationship ended? It wasn’t a good feeling, I know. Can you remember how you felt once you had time to process and reflect over everything? You felt good, right?

Instead of trying to fill the void of loneliness and jumping into the first relationship that comes across your path… try being selfish with you.

*Check out some activates to do while being single.

My rule of thumb is, you can truly see someone true colors within 6 months to a year. No one can pretend for years to be something they are not. When people say, “oh he just changed one day” after being with someone for years. I find that hard to believe. People show them true selves within that time frame. We just decide to ignore the signs and hope things will get better in time.

Being single is the time to reflect, understand, and grow. This is the period in your life where you can think solely about yourself and your wants. You can figure out who you are and what you like versus what you don’t like.

As long as you have a vagina, there will always be men in the world that will be after you. Why not be picky about who you decide to let into your space?

When you truly learn you and love you, you won’t let just anyone into your space. Being single, and embracing the journey with an open mind will help prepare you for the right man to come into your life.

Think about it. You would have had spent x amount of time with yourself and enjoyed your life, that you will appreciate the right person in your space. When you do get into a relationship, you will become appreciative of it and not feel like you’re missing out on something.

Society tells us we need to be in a relationship to be somebody. However, I am here to tell you that you are somebody whether or not you are in a relationship.

Lets change that bad stigma about being single and embrace the journey!


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