A Few Ticks & Tricks

If you are anything like me, I used to hate working out! However, after several months, working out has become a part of my daily routine. I not only workout, but I do my best to eat right. Now, I do fall short some days, but that is okay. I do better the next day. I am going to outline my workout routine below and offer some suggestions on how to maximize your workout.

*Please note, I am not a personal trainer and what works for me, may not work for you.

My Workout Schedule:

  • Monday: 45minutes-1 hour cardio
  • Tuesday: 45 minutes of cardio, abs, and arms
  • Wednesday: 15 minutes of cardio, legs, and abs
  • Thursday: Rest day
  • Friday: All body workout
  • Saturday: Rest Day (depending on how my body feels)
  • Sunday: Rest Day

Tip 1: While at the gym, I do an incline of 5-9 (depending on the machine) to burn more calories. 

I have posted a few pictures below to show you a demonstration of what kind of ab and leg workouts I do.

Tip 2: Make sure you breathe when you are doing these exercises.

I’ll have more pictures and videos of my workout routines, and what I eat on the daily.

Tip 3: You can add weights to your ankles to challenge yourself as well.

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