Toxins Be Gone

As you may know, I’ve been on this healthy journey for sometime now. While on this journey, I have adopted the idea of detoxing every 3-4 months. I do not claim to be a health expert, but I do know it is highly important to rid your body of all of the bad toxins.

Since joining ItWorks, I have fallen in love with all of the products thus far! I normally do our 2-day detox. However, I didn’t want to wait 7-10 business days for shipping. Silly, I know!

Anywho, I tried this detox my uncle had recommended. It is called, The Cleaner. It is a 7 day detox. Must I remind you that ours is only two days. So, I had to brace myself for seven days.

*Takes deep breath

Below I listed the pros and cons for The Cleaner and which detox I recommend.


  • See results almost instantly
  • Cleans your entire body
  • Helps you go to the bathroom if you’re having trouble
  • It cost about $15 with tax included


  • The label does warn you about going to the bathroom. I ran to the toilet all 7 days to avoid crapping my pants (didn’t expect it to be that bad).
  • If you don’t drink enough water, you cramp ALOT! Imagine having menstrul cramps when it’s not that time of month…not fun! (And I was drinking a lot of water, I might add).
  • You have to take 8 pills a day! I hate taking pills and I had to take them for 7 days!
  • I felt low on energy. Im not sure if it was the detox or the lack of iron in my system.


I’m pretty sure you already know I’m going to recommend our 2-day detox cleanse. I absolutely love it!

  • There was no running home to get to the toilet to avoid a crapping accident. ✅
  • There were no cramping. ✅
  • There were no pills. ✅
  • There was not fatigue. ✅

It was smooth and easy going! I went to the bathroom when I had to and my results were amazing! Check the photo section to see them.

Overall, I recommend our detox. It’s very gential on your tummy and it gets the job done!

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Untold Regrets 

“OMG!” She said loudly. I almost spit out my coffee, due to how loud her voice was. “What’s the matter?” I said. Jessica just looked at me with this blank stare. “Hello! Jessie, what’s the matter?” I said. She looked at her hands and started to cry. Before I could ask her another question, she started to speak. “My life is over!” She cried. 

Jessica tends to be a tad bit dramatic at times. So, I never know how to respond to her cries for attention. “Why is your life over?” I said. “I hate this job and I’m too old to do anything else” she said as tears began to fall from her face. I was completely loss at this point. Jessica was the Vice President of Jones automotive company and she was making great money. I had the slightest idea what she could possibly cry about. 

“Ummm….you do realize you’re Vice President, right?” I asked. She wiped her tears and stared at me with this annoyed look on her face. “That pays the bills, it’s not what I wanted to do with my life” she said as tears fell down her face. Again, I was confused. “Where is this coming from?” I said. She lifted her head and proceeded to tell me why she felt this way. “I was sitting here organizing some paper work for a client and I got an email from my ex roommate in college. She invited me to her grand opening of her restaurant” she said. 

“Okay. What does that have to do with you” I said. Jessica took a deep breath and continued her story. “You see. Seven years ago we had plans to start our restaurant business. However, I decided not to pursue the idea, due to the failure rate of restaurants. I took the job with Jones automotive because I thought she would never or couldn’t open the restaurant” she said. “But, Jessie, you’ve done great with your life” I said. She rolled her eyes and proceeded to finish telling me her story. “Bethany, I enjoy my job. However, I don’t love what I do. I wish I would’ve took a step out on faith and started that business with her because, I wouldn’t have to live with the regret of what could’ve happened if I did” she said.


Morale of the story. Never settle in life due to your fears of the unknown. If you don’t do the things you love in lie, you’ll always wonder what could’ve happened.

 Create the best damn life your future self will thank you for and don’t settle for less! 

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