Dear baby girl

I recently decided to write letters to my daughter and I plan to give them to her when she’s older. There are a lot of things I’ve done in my life that I wished I hadn’t.

Maybe if I loved myself more, I would’ve walked a way sooner.

Maybe if I trusted God enough, I would’ve waited.

Although, my mistakes sometimes haunt me, I am grateful for them. If I didn’t make those bad decisions or date those guys, I wouldn’t of had found the courage to be me. I believe it all has prepared me for my beautiful baby girl.

When I think about the life I want for her and picture how she’ll bring so much joy to the world, I cannot help but to remember all of the things I didn’t do because of someone else.

As I write these letters to her, I plan to be honest and transparent. I want her to understand how important self love is and how to never be afraid to be herself. I know she’ll make mistakes, and I welcome them. Mistakes….good or bad is how we learn and grow as individuals. It’s within those mistakes that we find ourselves.

My daughter saved me and it’s now my job to guide her. Although, she’s in the womb growing, I love her already. I’m claiming a strong, healthy baby girl who will eventually blossom into a beautiful woman.

These letters are my gift to her. Sometimes it’s the words that are unsaid that are the most helpful.

Until next time XOXO

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