Mom to be???

As Mother Day is approaching, I ask myself a few questions.

  1. Can I celebrate this day? My child isn’t outside of the womb, so am I officially a mother?
  2. When can you officially say you’re a mother?

I’ve asked a few people their opinion on this and they’ve told me that you’re not “officially” a mother until the baby is born. You’re considered a “mom to be”. At first, I accepted this answer. However, the more I bond with my child, the more I accept that I am a mother even while she’s in the womb.

Here’s why I say that.

From the moment I decided to keep my child, I have put her needs before my own. I absolutely HATE taking pills! However, I have made it a priority to take my prenatals daily. I am also anemic, so I have to take iron pills during my entire pregnancy. So, you can only imagine the agony of taking two pills a day. Additionally, I have already included the possible expenses a baby can have in my budget plan. Planning is a responsible thing to do, and I have added someone else to my plans.

I’m in graduate school and I was on track to graduate during the winter semester of this year. However, I am very unorganized. I will start taking on additional hours at work. Growing a healthy baby is no walk in the park and I’m doing it alone. Of course, I have an amazing support system and I’m very grateful for them. However, I’m a single 25 year old female who is adjusting to a new life. So, you can imagine my level of stress on the daily basics?? I had to make a tough decision about school, but my daughter health is more important to me. So, I took the spring and summer semesteroff and will return in the fall.

I am not a very active person, but I hit the gym every now and then. I’ve NEVER in a million years researched the benefits of foods. For an example, I will not eat a Cesar salad. Most Cesar salads have raw eggs in their dressing and that is very harmful to the baby. Before I was pregnant, I loved these salads and it hurt my soul to let it go. However, her health is more important to me. I am currently working on a schedule that will incorporate exercise and healthy foods. This will overall help with her development and the pregnancy.

While my list can go on and on about the sacrifices I’ve made prior to her leaving the womb, I think I’ve painted a clear picture. Mothers make sacrifices and they love their child/children unconditionally. They put their needs before their own. I have and will continue to that for my daughter. I don’t have all of the answers, but I am just as much as a mother as any other mother who gets to hold their child in their arms. I feel my baby kick and I hear her heartbeat. She’s a baby just as much as I’m a mother….her mother.

With that being said. If you’re pregnant, celebrate Mother’s Day. You’re a mother now and will be for the rest of your life. Pat yourselves on the back for growing a human.

Until next time XOXO

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