Be Fabulous

Who said you couldn’t be fabulous and pregnant?? From research and my own personal experience, a lot of women admit to not feeling attractive while pregnant. In the beginning, I felt the same exact way. I started telling myself all the things I couldn’t do and couldn’t wear because of my growing baby.

To be honest, not getting dolled up and doing things that make yourself feel pretty will cause you to become depressed during your pregnancy.

Who says you cannot be fabulous and pregnant?

Who said you couldn’t get dolled up and hang out with your friends?

Who said you couldn’t wear that tight fitting dress that hugs all of your curves?

Being pregnant doesn’t enable you from doing things that make you feel good about yourself. If anything, you should embrace your beautiful bump!

I get dressed up and go out with my friends often. I even take myself on dates. I believe it’s when we change out mindset about our pregnancy, is when we will truly enjoy it.

Yes, I am pregnant. However, I’m still F…A…B…U…L…O…U…!

I’ve included some photos below of a few outfits I put together thus far during my pregnancy.

Even a little makeup goes along way. Don’t hide away the entire 9 months. Embrace your beautiful bump and your bundle of joy!

Until next time, XOXO

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