Feeling Forgetful???

I believe I am semi organized and I tend to remember the things that I have planned for the day or month. However, I have been having a very difficult time remembering things.

It’s this thing that’s called, “pregnancy brain”. Yeah, I know! Sounds crazy right? I didn’t know this was a thing until my best friend told me. So, I researched it and to my surprise it was definitely a thing. If you had a hard time remembering things before, now that you’re pregnant, it’s going to be even more challenging.

Work was the most challenging for me. I have always excelled at everything I did and I’m a hard worker. For some odd reason, I kept forgetting to do my daily task at work. No matter how many sticky notes or reminders I had set, I still managed to forget. I became so overwhelmed and stressed, that I’d cry every day about forgetting the smallest things. I would plead that I wasn’t doing it on purpose, I just forgot or couldn’t remember to do certain things.

Well, I am here to tell you that there is a method to this madness. Check out a few suggestions I have below that can help you stay on task and fight the “pregnancy brain” phenomenon.

  1. Relax: Understand that your entire body is going through changes, and it will take some time to adjust.
  2. Get a planner: Having a planner can help you to stay organized and help you to plan ahead.
  3. Write down your schedule in your phone calendar: We always have our phones and when you set your alarms or place certain things within your calendar, your phone reminds you.
  4. Download a “To Do List” on your phone: Having an app like this will be extremely helpful. It will remind you that you have things you need to accomplish for the day.
  5. Do the task right away: If you must schedule a meeting or do certain things at work, do it right away while it’s fresh on your mind.

These are just a few things I have done to help me become more organized. I still forget things, but I have gotten a lot better! Always remember to take it day by day and to not beat yourself up. You’re growing a human for crying out loud and it’s okay if you forget something’s.

Until next time xoxo

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