Fitness Pregnancy

As you may know, I have gotten into health and fitness over the last few years. I feel when you’re healthy and looking good, you’ll feel good. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I wasn’t working out as much and I was indulging in plenty of sweets!

I was reading an article about how to have a healthy pregnancy, and fitness and eating the right foods was on the top of that list. Also, many years before I became pregnant, I said I didn’t want to gain a lot of weight whenever I had a child. So, I decided to hit the gym.

I have a friend I workout with and she is also pregnant. To my surprise, her daughter is due in September. So, I figured this was a perfect match! We typically workout 3 times a week and it’s nothing too strenuous.

I’m going to share with you a few reasons why I believe working out while pregnant is beneficial.

  1. It builds confidence: pregnancy brings on a ton of emotions and feeling attractive is something women struggle with during this time. I know going to the gym for me, helped give me a boost of confidence. Although, I’m growing a human, I’m looking good while doing it.
  2. It releases stress: I don’t know about you, but pregnancy can be extremely stressful….if you allow it. Going to the gym helps me to release my stress hormones and provides a space for me to clear my mind.
  3. Strengthens your muscles: My doctor informed me that working out during pregnancy will help to strengthen the muscles I’ll be using to give birth to my daughter. I figured, working out during my pregnancy could help my delivery go a lot smoother.
  4. It’s relaxing: I tried water aerobics for the first time and I will be doing this class once a week now. But, I felt extremely relaxed after taking the class and I laughed a ton! It’s something about the swaying of the water and jumping up and down that cracks me up. I forgot how much I enjoyed being in the water and just letting my body float.

Those are my top 4 reasons for working out during pregnancy. Of course, there are plenty of more reasons, but I thought those were the most important. Also, make sure you get clearance from your doctor. Your doctor knows you and your body very well. They know what will or won’t cause harm to the baby.

I’ve also included a few photos below! Make sure to check it out.

Until next time, xoxo

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