That’s My Best Friend

Growing up, I wanted to be everyone’s friend. I didn’t care if they treated me right, I just wanted a friend. Although, last year was very challenging, I did discover something….ME. Not only did I find out I was pregnant, but I learned how to be a friend to myself.

Often times, we put so much pressure on others to be that support system or that “friend” we can pour all of our troubles to. But, we have to realize that we have to be that type of friend to ourselves. Of course, people love you and want to be here for you, but they have things they go through as well. It’s not fair that we place them on this pedal stool to be everything we lack.

We are energy beings that feeds off of both positive and negative energy. If we are constantly dishing out our worries and our insecurities on our friends, then it can become draining for them. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t vent to your friends, because if they are truly your friends, then they would listen. However, we have to find a balance.

I found that balance and it is and has taken me sometime to understand how to be a true friend to myself. I value my peace of mind and I am protective of my space. So, I will not allow anyone to invade what God and I worked so hard to build. Was it an easy journey? No. I’ve had plenty of people in my life drain me mentally and physically, but, I didn’t care as long as we were “friends”, it was okay.

At 25, I have learned to be my own best friend. I’m learning to seek God and myself for the troubles that arise in my life, before considering going to a friend. I go on brunch and movie dates by myself now. I take myself to get my nails done and I am in the process of traveling alone. I now understand that just because my friends cannot do something with me, doesn’t mean they don’t care. Just because they cannot answer every call doesn’t mean they don’t care. Just because they call me there friend doesn’t mean they are my friends.

Friendships are just like a romantic relationship. It’s two people contributing to a platonic relationship and not becoming or draining that relationship. I truly believe when we learn to be our own best friends, we won’t allow the wrong people in our lives and we will appreciate the genuine friends we do have.

Remember, you only can learn how to be a true friend, by being a true friend to yourself.

Until next time xoxo

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