Move Baby Move

The first time I felt my daughter move was confusing to say the least. Let me explain why. I was told that you don’t typically feel your baby move until like 18-20 weeks and it would feel like butterflies. Now, I never really understood what a butterfly feeling would feel like, but I just went with it. I figured it would feel like I swallowed a butterfly or something and you’d feel them trying to escape. Silly…I know!

When I felt my daughter move, I Googled what that would feel like. To my surprise, a lot of women felt the way that I had. Sometimes it can be confusing because, it can be gas and not the baby actually moving. However, I was sure this wasn’t gas and it was her moving. The more I felt the movement, the more I became excited!

I am a weirdo when it comes to understanding how babies are actually produced/conceived. I look at it as we swallowed a human and now they are growing within us. It’s still kinda hard for me to fathom how a life within a life grows, and comes out into the world, to become old. It’s actually pretty remarkable! As my child becomes bigger and the more she moves, she brings so much joy to my heart!

When I’m having a bad day, it’s like she knows by her moving it will brighten my day. My daughter is EXTREMELY active, especially at night or when I listen to music. I guess it’s safe to assume she’ll be a night owl and a lover of music. However, her activity throughout the day or even at night makes me wonder what she’s doing in there. Is she stretching? Is she playing? Is she upset? Lots of questions cross my mind, but it still lightens my heart to feel her move.

I catch myself saying, “move baby move! Go baby go”. It’s a little song I made up. But, I want you to take time out of your day to just enjoy the little things your bundle of joy is doing. It’s within these moments that I understand how blessed I am. It’s in these moments I understand how amazing God is. We’re so busy with life and preparing for our babies, that we need to just embrace their kicks or punches. We need to take this time out to appreciate the things they do now, because it will prepare us for all the things they will accomplish within their lifetime.

Until next time xoxo

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