Be Intentional

Good morning, guys!

Happy Monday 🙂

Today, I’d like to chat with you about being intentional. For me, this concept was a hard one to grasp, but I feel like I finally understand what it means. Therefore, I’d like to share with you my definition of what it means to “be intentional”.

Being intentional is being very clear about what you want. You have to sit down in your alone time and write down what you want out of life. Once you get a very clear picture, then you must take proactive steps to obtain what you want. Believe it or not, the brain is a muscle. When you’re very clear about what you want, your brain, God, and the universe will do what they have to to bring forth your vision.

When your in this state, nothing happens on accident. Everything that’s happening or will happen is intentional and has a purpose. In fact, when your in alignment with living an intentional life, you’ll notice major shifts in your life.

Now, I know it’s extremely hard at times to have this mindset, especially when life is constantly throwing you all these curve balls. However, it’s imperative that you switch your mindset. It’s imperative that you work on your mindset daily. When you’re intentional about every thought, things will flow differently.

Let me explain what I mean in more detail. To be intentional about your thoughts, you have to take control of the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. For example, when you have a thought that’s negative, you have to replace it with a positive thought. “I’m stupid” vs “I have more than enough smarts to complete this task”. See the difference!? When you continuously do this, you will see a shift in how you think.

Being intentional about how you think or the decisions you make, you will notice how less stressful your life is.

I learned that you must take control of your life or life will take control of you!

Until next time,


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