The Season of Adjustment

The new word of the month of September is “adjustment”.

Our children are preparing to head back to school, if they haven’t done so already. We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, with no cure near.

Parents must return to work or walk away from their jobs to stay at home with their children. Money is tight and kids are frustrated.

Parents are now faced with decisions that causes a ton of anxiety and they don’t want to be judged for their decision by their peers.

For me, we relocated to Illinois and don’t have anyone around us but an extremely small amount of family. I also did this in the middle of building my business, so now I have to start over.

Chloè isn’t at the age where she needs to go to a school setting, but now I have to figure out how to build a business from scratch in a new area, while raising a toddler in a new area.

Talk about adjustment…

We are all facing an extreme amount of uncertainty. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We don’t know if a cure is soon to be discovered. We don’t know if our children will be forced back to school. We don’t know if our children will get COVID and bring it back home. We don’t know if they do get it, can they or we beat the virus.

As if we don’t have enough to worry about, we have the president election fastly approaching.

There are a million questions and little answers.

Despite all the negativity surrounding this current situation, I want you to understand this is a season of adjustment. We must all adjust and understand that we can and will get through this!

1. God is ALWAYS working! Whether we acknowledge it or not, he’s working and protecting us.

2. This is a time we can get to re know ourselves and our children. We can figure out what we like vs don’t. We can re learn our spouse. We can figure out how to communicate with our children and learn who they really are.

3. This is a season where we can learn how to save our money and invest it wisely. I did mention money was tight for most families. Now is the time to come up with a budgeting plan.

4. This is a season where we can learn a new skill. You didn’t have the time before, now you do. Adjust accordingly.

Adjusting in this time doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can be a beautiful thing. It’s teaching us that we can get through whatever life throws our way. It’s showing us exactly how strong we are. It’s showing how beautifully flawed this world is and that’s okay because we get to learn about us and the people in it.

I’ll leave you with this. Don’t allow negativity to consume you in this season. Instead, adjust and keep living.

Until next time,


You’re In Control

Happy Friday!!

I want to leave you with a short sweet message going into the weekend. I want you to understand that “You’re In Control Of How Your Life Is”.

Believe it or not, we’re all energy beings. Whether or not we’re attracting positive energy or negative energy is solely up to us. Yes, life is going to happen. Yes, somethings are outside of our control. However, your reaction isn’t. You can CHOOSE to give that event positive or negative energy.

For an example, if someone cuts you off while driving. You can CHOOSE to be upset for the remainder of the day or you can CHOOSE to let it go. Another example. The father of your child doesn’t come pick up your kid yet again. You’re extremely upset because your child is now upset, and no mother wants to witness that. Please know, you have every right to feel how you want. However, you should NEVER allow those emotions to consume you.

Let me paint an event clearer picture. The father of your child doesn’t come kid y’all kid. You become angry because of the inconsistency in your child life. You send several heated texts or calls. You’re yelling, you’re hurt. Your child now feeds off this energy, so now they are misbehaving. Now, you’re even more frustrated and have an extreme headache.

Get where I’m going with this!?

I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be upset. However, don’t let your emotions consume you. Deal with the disappointment and refocus your energy onto something more positive. For example, you can take your child somewhere special to get their mind off their father not showing up and have an open conversation with them about it.

We have more power then we realize! We have more control over our life, our thoughts, our actions then we realize. We must be intentional with EVERYTHING in our life, especially with our thoughts. You don’t have to remain angry that you’re a single mother. You don’t have to remain angry that you were let go from your job. You don’t have to remain angry that you had to start over. Those are all moments to take back control of your life and to change the narrative.

I’ll leave you with this exercise for the weekend. Take one thing you’d like to shift in your life. I want you to write down 5 affirmations. For an example, if it’s be more positive, write 5 affirmations about being positive. I want you to meditate on that for the weekend for at least 5-10 minutes. When you complete that, write down how you feel and then repeat the activity.

If you decide to do this small activity, let me know how it went. You can comment under this blog post or send me an email. I would love to hear how it went!

Until next time,