Untold Regrets 

“OMG!” She said loudly. I almost spit out my coffee, due to how loud her voice was. “What’s the matter?” I said. Jessica just looked at me with this blank stare. “Hello! Jessie, what’s the matter?” I said. She looked at her hands and started to cry. Before I could ask her another question, she started to speak. “My life is over!” She cried. 

Jessica tends to be a tad bit dramatic at times. So, I never know how to respond to her cries for attention. “Why is your life over?” I said. “I hate this job and I’m too old to do anything else” she said as tears began to fall from her face. I was completely loss at this point. Jessica was the Vice President of Jones automotive company and she was making great money. I had the slightest idea what she could possibly cry about. 

“Ummm….you do realize you’re Vice President, right?” I asked. She wiped her tears and stared at me with this annoyed look on her face. “That pays the bills, it’s not what I wanted to do with my life” she said as tears fell down her face. Again, I was confused. “Where is this coming from?” I said. She lifted her head and proceeded to tell me why she felt this way. “I was sitting here organizing some paper work for a client and I got an email from my ex roommate in college. She invited me to her grand opening of her restaurant” she said. 

“Okay. What does that have to do with you” I said. Jessica took a deep breath and continued her story. “You see. Seven years ago we had plans to start our restaurant business. However, I decided not to pursue the idea, due to the failure rate of restaurants. I took the job with Jones automotive because I thought she would never or couldn’t open the restaurant” she said. “But, Jessie, you’ve done great with your life” I said. She rolled her eyes and proceeded to finish telling me her story. “Bethany, I enjoy my job. However, I don’t love what I do. I wish I would’ve took a step out on faith and started that business with her because, I wouldn’t have to live with the regret of what could’ve happened if I did” she said.


Morale of the story. Never settle in life due to your fears of the unknown. If you don’t do the things you love in lie, you’ll always wonder what could’ve happened.

 Create the best damn life your future self will thank you for and don’t settle for less! 

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What do YOU VALUE?

I love Eric Thomas! He is such a great speaker and inspirational. I had to share with you the quote that was sent to bless my email this morning. It woke something up on the inside of me, and I hope it does the same for you! 

Your Values

There are those of you who say,

I want to be a millionaire!
I want to be the best at this company!

But your value system says,
You believe in sleep,
More than you believe in grinding.

Your value system says, 
You are a consumer,
And not a producer.

You’re spending more money than you’re making.
Because you’re a consumer,

You’re reading all the books,
You’re saying everything the books are saying,
But those books are not in alignment with your values.

If you’re going to go to the next level,
Your values are going to have to change.
Eric Thomas ~

Motivational Monday

It’s Monday again!

Which is a great way to start your week of the right way. Whatever happened last week…FORGET ABOUT IT!

Do not let what happened last week or even yesterday interfere with today. Let today be the day you start fresh. Let today be the day you rock out your goals. Let today be the day you say YOU CAN AND YOU WILL!

Remember, it is not about what you did not do. It is about what you did do when things did not go as you planned. It’s about picking yourself up and dusting off your shoulders; get back to it.

Giving up or quitting should never be an option! I challenge you this week to do something you did not do last week to achieve your goal(s). If you failed to get up early…get up early tomorrow. Set your alarm clock so you do. If you failed to reach your sale goals last week…put in double the effort so you do this week. If you did not go to the gym…start working out at home this week. If you did not take time out to work on that story….carve out time in your planner to do so.

This week is all about recognizing where you could’ve done more, and maximizing your time this week. It’s about moving forward. So, I challenge you to move forward and rock out your goals!

Happy Monday!!!

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Fall Forward 

I wanted to do things differently today for Motivational Monday. Instead of me posting during the day, I wanted to post tonight. I figured it would be a great way for you to end your day!

I love Denzel Washington! He is very inspirational and his words of encouragement always find a way to get me together! 

I decided to share some inspiration from him with you today! Check it out below and let me know what you think. 

Fall forward.

Here’s what I mean: 

Reggie Jackson struck out 2,600 times in his career.

The most in the history of baseball. 

But you don’t hear about the strikeouts. 
People remember the home runs.

Fall forward.
Thomas Edison conducted 1,000 failed experiments. 
Did you know that? 

I didn’t know that,

Because #1,001 was the light bulb.

Fall forward.
Every failed experiment,
Is one step closer to success. 

You’ve got to take risks.
~ Denzel Washington ~

Happy Monday!!! 

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Invent Yourself

As you know, I share some of my favorite daily inspirational quotes with you. Well, today is one of those days! When I say I love, love, love, love, love, love, love this quote lol. I love it!

I am pretty sure you get the point of how much I love this quote I am about to share with you. It is really important to work on yourself daily and to challenge yourself daily to become a better version of yourself each day that you live.

Check it out below:

Invent yourself,
And then reinvent yourself.
Don’t swim in the same slough.

Invent yourself,
And then reinvent yourself.
And stay out of the clutches of mediocrity.

Invent yourself,
And then reinvent yourself.
Change your tone and shape so often,
That they can never categorize you.

Reinvigorate (to give vigor to; fill with life and energy; energize) yourself,
And accept what is,
But only on the terms,
That you have invented,
And reinvented.

Be self-taught,
And reinvent your life,
Because you must;

It is your life,
And its history,
And the present,
Belong only to,

~ Charles Bukowski ~

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Run After Your Destiny 

I have something inspirational to share with you guys today!! 

Check it out below: 

The danger of low expectations.

I would rather aim for the stars,
And not hit them,

Than to not aim at all.

I would rather go after it,

And not get it,

Than not go after it all.

I’d rather try and fail,

Than not try at all.

I don’t want to live with the idea,

Wondering what would have happened,

Had I done more with my life.

I’m going to go for it,

Come hell or high water,

I’m going after my destiny.

You gotta run after your destiny!

You can’t stroll after your destiny!

You can’t walk after your destiny!

You gotta RUN! 

                            ~ T.D. Jakes ~

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Congrats to me!

As you know, I have this slight obsession with relationships. I love to observe how they work and why they do not work. How men and women communicate differently. How romantic, family, friendships, and work place relationships develop around the world. I took an interpersonal communication class during my undergraduate year, along with a multi cultural communication class. That is where I decided what route I wanted to go down. Of course, writing is at the top of my list. However, I wanted to become a certified relationship coach to help people find what they want out of life.  

After long hours of studying and staying focused, I am officially a certified relationship coach!

I am sharing this with you guys for 3 reasons.

  1. There will be changes to my Blog.
  2. I believe that you all can do anything you set your minds to.
  3. If you have any questions or would like me to talk about something, the door is always open. Please do not be afraid to reach out to me.

Click here to check out my award! Award C

Let me know what goals you have all accomplished this year! Let me know what goals you have set!

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Bye, Bye…Fear 

Growing up, we are told what to do and how to do it. We are told, according to our economical class how successful our lives will be. We are told to obtain degrees and get involved, so it might help with getting a job after 4 plus years in college. 

F.Y.I– I am a fan of higher education. I believe you should get higher education if you feel it woul benefit your life, not because you were told it would. 

I’m lucky enough to have parents who told me that I can be and do anything I set my mind to. Unfortunately, I listened to what the world thought I should be doing at my age, instead of asking God for direction. 

Not following and living your purpose in life will only cause depression and disappointment. There are multiple paths to success and you don’t have to do the typical 9-5. Actually, success and your definition of it alone is what matters most. 

Life is really what you make it. Of course, you’ll have ups and downs, that’s given. However, it’s about picking yourself up and trying again. For every successful person, there a few failures along the way. For every successful person, they had to make some kind of sacrifice.

What I really want out of life scares the living crap out of me! I’m afraid of failure. I’m afraid of actually getting what I want. I’m afraid of the time it will take. I’m afraid of the sacrifices I’ll have to make. However, I have decided two things. 

  1. If your dreams don’t scare or challenge you, than you should go back to the drawing board. 
  2.  I’m going to do it afraid. I will no longer let fear stop me. 

I’m here to challenge you to face your fears head on! Look yourself in the mirror and say bye, bye doubts, and hello opportunities!
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Shake Your Comfort 

Life has a funny way of shaking things up. I’ll share a story with you all today. As you may know, I graduated from Oakland University in 2015. The only thing I knew at that point for a career choice was I wanted to be a writer for a living. Well, reality hit and it is very challenging to obtain that level of a lifestyle. So, as a typical college graduate, I got a corporate job. 

At first, this job was highly exciting. I had set goals and I excelled at every one I had set. About 6 months into the job, I started disliking it. I don’t like sitting at a desk all day. I don’t like starring at a computer all day. I don’t like cars. I found myself becoming depressed. I was very greatful for the opportunity to have a job. However, I was not being fulfilled in my career. 

I prayed and prayed and I was hired as a paraprofessional at a school. I enjoyed the children. I enjoyed hearing what they wanted to do in their life and helping them to stay motivated. However, I did not like teaching the kids. I guess I am not all the way mature in that aspect because, I have 0 patience and I hate repeating myself. 

I decided enough was enough and it is time to find what I want out of life. 

I quit my job and I relocated to Illinois to stay with my dad. I have decided to focus my attention on my writing and becoming a certified relationship coach (I have a obsession for how and why relationships do or don’t work). 

You see, if we are not careful. We will find ourselves in a position where we are just existing and not living. Yes, we all have bills to pay and you need to make money to live. However, I’m a firm believer that we should be doing what we love. God grants us all with gifts and we should be doing them daily. When you do what you love, the money will come. 

I’m not suggesting you quit your job and relocate because, that is a huge step! I have been planning to relocate for years and this was the right thing for me to do at this time in my life. 

However, if you’re feeling unfulfilled in your current position, don’t panaic. You’re not alone. It’s time to shake up your comfort zone and discover what you really want to do in life. 

You only get one life to live and you have to make it count! 

Let me know what you think! 

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Dear Self 

Dear self,

How did you get here? Where did time go? Where did you go?

There was a time that you were very happy. Happy with your career…happy with your relationship…happy with yourself…

What happened? Where did you go?

Life has a funny way of throwing things at you, that at times makes you feel why try…why bother. 

However, you have to be careful to not let the negativity of life knock you down. You have to be careful of letting unwanted energy and or people into your space. 

You’re hurting…why?

Is it because you feel you have lost so much? Friends…family…loved ones.

Is it because you feel unloved? You do know that’s not true.

Oh wait. 

Somehow in the mist of pleasing everyone one else, you lost yourself. You lost your voice. You lost your dreams and aspirations in life. 

You’ve become accustomed to what everyone else thinks about you and wants for your life, that you live in silence. You watch others tackle their dreams, while you silently wish you could. 

I’m here to tell you that you can. You can live you’re reality. You can be that women I know you to be. Just believe you can and you will. 

Take no crap from anyone else. Leave what people want for you at the door and start embracing what you want for you! 

Self, you rock and never forget it! It’s time to pick yourself up and begin living. 


Inner Voice


Life has a funny way of knocking us down. Life moves so fast, that we tend to get swept up in it. You have to be careful to not allow life to take ahold of you because, you’ll find yourself wondering what happened and how you got in your current situation. 

You have to have a plan in this thing we call life. You have to stop worrying about other people perceptions of you and start embracing what you precieve of yourself. 

Repeat after me: I’m beautiful. I’m ambitious. I can do it. I will achieve my goals. I deserve to be happy! 

I want you to dust yourself off and take control of your life. Take control of you! 

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